Julie - O (4.7 MB), composed by Mark Summer.

Polonaise Brillante (13.2 MB), composed by Frederic Chopin.

Sonate for cello and piano, composed by Claude Debussy.
   Movement I (6.7 MB)
   Movements II & III (10.0 MB)

Roumanian Dances (9.3 MB), composed by Béla Bartók.

Sonata for cello and piano, composed by Luigi Boccherini.
   Movement I (5.4 MB)
   Movement II (6.3 MB)


2007. Amy Sue Barston: Cello works by Bach and Barber. Calabaza Records.
2005. Corigliano Quartet: Works by Haydn, Mahoney, Silverman. Studio demo.
2005. Amy Sue Barston: Bach Cello Suites. Calabaza Records.
2004. Amy Sue Barston: Cello Favorites. Calabaza Records.
2003. Amy Sue Barston, cello. Calabaza Records.